Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL slept walked last week and ended up standing in the corner. After I got her in back in bed I started thinking about Paranormal Activity and couldn't go back to sleep. 
  • Fox 4 did a feature on Bridgeport's "off road park" which is apparently quite popular. I'm not sure I understand that "sport".
  • I stumbled upon a 30 for 30 on Marcus Dupree again and couldn't turn it off. 
  • Ticket fans only: Jake Kemp was on WFAA last night and they used a graphic referring to him as a "space enthusiast."
  • I fell asleep during the World Cup final.
  • Israel doesn't seem to care if it kills innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip with the launch of all of those missiles. 
  • I'm hearing there will be an NBA players strike in two years. I mentioned the other day that I thought their current union contract really screwed them over.
  • KISS played in Dallas over the weekend and only went for 75 minutes -- which is apparently routine for them. (That'd be 75 minutes too long for me.)
  • Headlines in the Texas Lawyer this week: "Firm Sues Former Partner Over $1.4 Million Trustee Fee Earned in Dreier Bankruptcy", "Law Firm Files Defamation Lawsuit Over Ex-Client's Yelp Review Lawyer", "Law Firm Deny Allegations in Ex-Client's $2.64 Million Lawsuit Over Postnup", and "Personal Injury Law Firm Asserts First Amendment Defense in Internet Defamation Suit Filed by Competing PI Firm." It is commonplace to see lawyers vs. lawyers, and lawyers vs. clients these day. 
  • Rick Perry seems to have gotten off the pain pills. There is no way he can give that many interviews without screwing up. 
  • I've watched some parts of We're The Millers over again. I think that it is really funny.  And I'm beginning to believe that Django Unchained may be one of my favorite Tarantino movies.
  • I kept hearing references to Cyber Dust in some of these Maverick free agent discussions. It's an app which (1) causes text messages to disappear in 24 seconds, (2) sounds a lot like Snapchat, and (3) is funded by Mark Cuban so it has a high possibility of failing.
  • Mrs. LL and I saw a video of that Tupac hologram and she thinks in the future you'll be able to project a deceased loved one right into your living room and even converse with them. That sounds crazy but will probably be true. Then she gave me a stop down moment when she said she'll bring me back but have the hologram make me taller. 
  • One thing I won't watch a second of: ESPN's Home Run Derby.