Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Without googling, whatever happened to the actor "Sebastian" from Cruel Intentions (not a bad flick, by the way)
  • I'm 100% sure I had my hair cut by a gal on meth yesterday. But, on the good side, it was quick.
  • The rant by the would be Triple Crown winner's owner is receiving way too much press. 
  • I channel surfed over to The Longhorn Network on Saturday night expecting to see a game from the 1980s or something but instead found an electric concert ongoing because of the X-Games. (But I did learn that Mrs. LL wasn't familiar with the concept of concerts produced exclusively by DJs.)
  • The Star-Telegram recently had an article on civil forfeiture cases by the Tarrant County DA's office but I completely missed this: "Of the property seized, almost $845,000 was spent on salaries for 16 employees at the office."  I'm at loss to understand why the anti-Big Government groups give law enforcement a complete pass. There's so much fiscal abuse going on. 
  • I watched most of The Canyons this weekend -- the recent movie by Lindsay Lohan that was the subject of this New York Times article on how difficult she is to deal with. Not bad. Bizarre. But not bad. 
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot singing Baby Got Back with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra may be one of the weirdest things I've seen. (h/t BagOfNothing)
  • There are now more security cameras at the Wise County Courthouse than in Walmart.
  • I jogged before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. I then slept way too much the rest of the weekend. 
  • I watched the soon to be Junior-In-The-House (good grief) play in a softball all-star tournament on Friday night. That stuff is still more entertaining than any NBA, MLB, or NHL game. 
  • Kansas City ball boy grabs a ball that wasn't foul and then acts like his life is over. 
  • I'll put Fox News' "Judge" Andrew Napolitano in the same category as Sean Hannity or Dennis Prager. Nothing he says should be given any consideration.
  • From the Update: "Firefighter Paramedic James Carr, a member of the Decatur Fire Department, was named the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas EMS Responder of the Year this weekend." I asking honestly: Why?
  • If Fox 4 could coax Christina Pascucci from Los Angeles, I'd never change the channel. 
  • That couple who were killed in the head on collision (in separate cars) were newlyweds. Photo.