Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A UTA reporter went to the Texas GOP convention dress as a veiled Muslim and she did not like how she was treated.
  • As the NBA Finals were starting up last night, Mrs. LL looked up and said, "The Spurs are still in it?" I told her right then she earned this bullet point.
  • Odd Couple: Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter sat by each other at that NBA game last night. 
  • I never watch Channel 8's Ron Corning in the mornings, but here is a picture of him wearing thigh high boots. Good morning to you. 
  • If the local TV stations don't televise the Lake Whitney house burning today at 10:00 a.m., they are crazy.
  • Hey Fox 4 reporter last night: If the house did fall into the lake, boaters would not be in danger because of a "tidal wave" that could be "up to twenty feet tall". (Yes, that was really said.)
  • The Messenger had a huge typo of "Courhouse" in a big headline in its print edition. But the pdf version online has it corrected. They changed history!
  • I haven't read it yet, but some anti-gay protesters had their convictions for "Interfering With Public Duties" reversed by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals late yesterday. It looks interesting because it involves a gay pride parade in Fort Worth, protesters from the "Kingdom Baptist Church", cops from the "Zero Tolerance Unit" (sheesh), and the use of a "skirmish line".  What a combo!
  • Nothing is so popular yet operates in what seems to be obscurity than the Eagles Canyon Raceway near Slidell.
  • From the Update: "ROLE PLAYING GAME DAY – Decatur Public Library is hosting RPG (Role Playing Game) Day 10 a.m.-2 p.m." A question mark is either forming over your head or you're childishly giggling. 
  • Speaking of the Update, there is a death listing for Betty Ann Monroe. Is that the same Betty A. Monroe who crashed into Jackie Murphree in Decatur leaving her paralyzed?
  • The New York Times has a very crazy but cool multi-video collection of Brazilians watching the first goal in the World Cup and they are all "synced up". It took me a while to figure out how to work it.  
  • Was there anything more predictable than Iraq falling into disarray? And if you blame the President you are saying you would rather have U.S. troops over there dying in order to keep the peace and you're willing to allow those young lives to be lost in perpetuity? 
  • Random Brazilian newspaper . . .