Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Police in Washington state are going to set up a prostitution sting operation and then live tweet the photos of the poor saps that thought they were going to visit a hooker. Such sorriness on the part of the cops. 
  • Every politician in Texas is jumping on the real (or imagined) proposed land grab by the BLM of some Texas property near the Red River. My favorite is carpetbagger George P. Bush who wants you to sign his "petition" to tell the BLM to stop its plan to seize the land. Take a look at that thing. That has one purpose: To create a database of potential voters. Not only does he want your phone number, he wants to know which carrier you use. 
  • The Sophomore in the House thinks Jim Carrey is funny. That disturbs me. (We watched part of The Truman Show last night.)
  • Strictly legal: I may be the only guy in the world yesterday who jogged and listened to the Supreme Court oral arguments in that can-cops-stop-a-guy-based-upon-an-anonymous-tip case.  I'm probably speaking to less than five people, but if you know this area of criminal law, listen to it because it is fantastic. "Counselor, if someone reported that someone was not wearing a seatbelt, can the police make a traffic stop?" "Counselor, if there was an anonymous caller who reported someone working for al qaeda had a nuclear bomb in their trunk and was heading into downtown Los Angeles, can a stop be made?" "If there is a report of someone throwing bombs out of car do the police have to wait to actually see another bomb be thrown before a stop can be made?" One judge told a lawyer that his argument "exhibited consistency but not a lot of common sense."
  • I don't listen to music (as I've said) but I really like John Legend's hits.
  • BagOfNothing.com guy said today that he used to think about suicide daily until he had kids. I'm not sure he realizes how shocking that it is. Or maybe I took it the wrong way. 
  • Which reminded me of a book I read recently about suppressed anger which, shockingly, I probably suffer from. It began with a paragraph of "You may wake up and think" and then described perceptions of life and daily feelings in general. It matched me to a tee. The book then slapped me in the face with the sentence, "It might surprise you to learn that most people don't think and feel that way."
  • Sports: (1) The Cowboys picked up the fifth year option on left tackle Tyron Smith which will cost them over $10 million. That will make him one of the top paid tackles. (2) In the Dirk area, the Mavs have never forced a Game Seven. They are either 0-6 ir 0-5 -- I can't find the exact number. (3) Best picture of Baylor's new stadium. (4) Argyle beat Bridgeport 3-0 last night in the regional baseball playoffs after which Argyle's head coach called it the  "worst game we've played all year."
  • I was reading a USA Today story and it used the term "indefatigable". I had to make sure it was the USA Today. (It means "persisting tirelessly" by the way. I looked it up.)
  • David Dewhurst has another attack ad on Dan Patrick. It isn't bad, but in the runoff, which will certainly have a low turnout, I think the ad will hack off the Tea Party so much that they'll turn out in droves to support Patrick. (The ad shows Patrick with his shirt unbuttoned which makes him look like he was at a drunken party. It was actually at a charity event for children where he was auctioning "the shirt off his back".) 
  • I received a comment overnight taking me to task about not mentioning Benghazi. In case you can't find it, he wanted me to know that the "head negro in charge has been lying to us." Uh, thank you for reading Mr. Sterling. 
  • The Dallas Morning News looks like a tabloid today. The guy didn't die, but was pardoned by the victim's mom at the last second. I skimmed the story -- the fact that she probably received $35,000 for her mercy makes this less than touching. 
  • Edit for late news: Wordkyle, U.S. unemployment rate plummeted to 6.3%.