Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I always mention motorcycle deaths and DPS had a press release yesterday which had some stats: "In 2013, 494 people died on Texas roadways while riding motorcycles and scooters, representing a five percent increase from the previous year. However, those deaths accounted for approximately 15 percent of all traffic deaths in the state last year."
  • The family members of those killed in the other car in the Terri Johnson wreck were on Fox 4 last night.  And after a local public outcry, a fund has finally been set up for the surviving four year old at North Texas Bank in Decatur.
  • Sports talk radio finally came to the realization yesterday that the NBA might have moved too quickly in crucifying Donald Sterling. 
  • And the Sterling case gets juicy if the NBA owners (or three-fourths of them to be precise) vote to force him to sell the team as the NBA Commissioner has urged. The only possible NBA Constitutional provision allowing for a forced sale they can rely upon reads that another owner has failed or refused "to fulfill its contractual obligations to the Association, its Members, Players, or any other third party in such a way as to affect the Association or its Members adversely." Sterling hasn't done that so they best tread lightly. (And what if the owners realize this, get scared off from holding a vote, and we have a player/public revolt against the NBA for not forcing Sterling to sell?)
  • Mrs. LL did a fantastic job on the painting project. I told her that she worked harder in those four days than at any point in the last four years. (I didn't get the happy reaction I was expecting. I probably need to learn to communicate with her better.)
  • I'm always on the lookout for news stories that are actually paid ads, and I spotted one yesterday. The AP had a long release yesterday about Walmart now offering auto insurance. If you read it, it doesn't have one negative or objectively critical comment about Walmart and the story even prints the website and phone number where you can sign up.  That's a paid ad, right?
  • The whole state is under construction: Today the massive expansion of I-35 from downtown Fort Worth north to 820 begins
  • A guy showed up last night at the Rangers game with a Johnny Manziel Cowboy's jersey. 
  • Speaking of, my Ranger nemesis has to be getting nervous about, as I predicted, a pitching staff meltdown. Last night Robbie Ross lasted  3 1/3 innings and gave up 6 earned runs. (Fellow baseball expert Gerry Fraley referred to the rotation this morning as being in "tatters.")
  • There's an interesting murder trial going on in Fort Worth where a "good Samaritan" was shot in Arlington. During opening statements yesterday, the defense lawyer, some guy named Zeke Tyson, told the jury that the victim had drugs in his system. That shut things down. First, even if true, that's probably not admissible. And prosecutor Jack Strickland told the court that the statement isn't true. Tyson either has a plan I don't understand or doesn't have a clue about certain rules of evidence.
  • I learned you can't store paint in a hot attic. (And how come water based paint will wash right off your hands or floor, but it'll stain your clothes forever?)
  • I completely missed Sarah Palin at the NRA Convention. Speaking of our "enemies", she said "If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” Good lord. 
  • While the Republicans feud like the Hatfield and McCoys, the Senate Democrats baited the Republicans into being forced to kill a minimum wage hike yesterday thus creating a campaign talking point for the mid-terms . . .