Random Friday Morning Thoughs

  • There was an avalanche of news yesterday that "Jews were required to register in the Ukraine." I'd tap the brakes on that. There is the possibility it was just one guy with a printer handing out leaflets. (At least that's what my international sources tell me.)
  • DPS released a "Gang Assessment Threat" yesterday and named Tango Blast the #1 gang in Texas. Sound familiar? This is the exact same news I wrote about last year at this time. 
  • The TV ratings came in and the Mavs beat the Rangers two nights ago, barely, 3.6 to 2.9. Wheel of Fortune, by the way, came in at 7.2.
  • Mrs. LL bought a huge Buddha art piece for the breakfast nook but the thing's head is a cat head. Yep, a cat head. I don't know if the creator was an artist or a guy doing a bit. 
  • Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. You know, for an ugly teenager, she's pretty good looking now. (She is now 34 -- wow -- and she and her husband live in a "$10.5 million condominium on Madison Square Park in the Flatiron District of Manhattan." And now you know.)
  • I heard a Zumba class meets a couple of times a month in the courtroom in the Wise County Sheriff's Office. I'm fine with that. It's just kind of funny. 
  • Sports: (1) Hey Baseball Nemesis, how'd Scheppers work out for you yesterday? (2) The TCU QB position just got crowded again with the transfer in of an Aggie. (3) Dirk is great enough to make the Mavs mediocre yet not a lottery team -- the last thing you want to be. Cuban is such a genius. (4) UT has a huge quarterback problem. If David Ash gets a concussion this fall (assuming his broken foot is healed), they'll have to bench him for the year. And Tyrone Swoops is not the answer.  (5) Ticket fans: Here's Corby's mohawk.
  • Breaking: Avalanche on Mount Everest kills 13. (Side note: If you ever get a chance to read John Krakauer's Into Thin Air, do it.)
  • "One Hundred Years of Solitude -- My favorite novel of all time"  - Junior Miller on The Ticket this morning. I feel dumb.
  • Whatever happened to Scotchgard?
  • When I was a kid, my parents took the family to some all night outdoor play in Oklahoma on Easter weekend. It was about the life of Jesus with the resurrection scene timed to occur at sunrise. I just remember thinking, "Adults stay up all night?" (I think I slept through most of it.)
  • Inappropriate school assignment in El Paso. Heck, I just want to find out what happens when Mike gets home!
  • "An Arlington Kroger Manager Was Fired For Body-Slamming a Shoplifter [Video]"