Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Young County Attorney (Graham) decided to run for an unpaid position on the board of the city's hospital district. He then learned that cost him his job per state law. 
  • I saw a video the other day of a cop in Wise County who had one of those new lapel cameras. It's awful when compared to the dashboard camera. I felt like I was watching a paparazzi video on TMZ.
  • I'm not sure why blocks and blocks of downtown Dallas had to be shutdown yesterday when an "active shooter" (who later was discovered to not have a gun) was barricaded in an apartment and surrounded by police.
  • If Yu Darvish has a serious neck injury (he is scheduled to see a big time surgeon) the Rangers will need to worry about the Astros instead of making the playoffs.
  • There's some big civil case going on at the courthouse.  I think it has something to do with alleged wrongful termination, but I'm not sure. 
  • At first I thought this kid arrested for Public Intoxication in Denton overnight had a serious facial birthmark. But that birthmark also appears to be on his hoodie. Paint? What the heck is going on there?
  • Cops pretty much execute a guy for illegal camping in New Mexico. Incredible. 
  • The new Messenger has a story about Boyd High's 1600 meter relay team saying it came within an "eyelash" of breaking the 1992 all time school record of 3:30.06 last week in Springtown. They ran a 3:33.08. I'm no track expert, but that's a long way from an "eyelash", isn't it?
  • Someone commented the other day, in light of my callback to the U.S.'s financial implosion under Bush, that there was another round of bank failures coming. Not so fast. The Fed said a few days ago that after the most recent "stress test" of the nation's thirty largest banks, twenty-nine passed. 
  • According to the Update, the Loyal White Knights of the KKK are recruiting in Wise County. Don't worry, they are just misunderstood. According to their website, they are not a "hate group," However, they do "hate drugs, homosexuality, abortion, and race-mixing . . . . Our goal is to help restore America to a White Christian nation founded on God's word. This does not mean that we want to see anything bad happen to the darker races, we simply want to live separate from them." I think I've read stuff like that in the comment section before. 
  • Dramatic footage yesterday of a rescue of a construction worker in the crazy fire in Houston yesterday.