Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A huge question mark formed over my head when I saw the headline that the lead singer of Gwar had died.
  • Sports and Sports Media: (1) Baylor's men and women's team are both in the Sweet 16 and the football team won the Big 12. Oh, these are the salad days. (2) I was going to predict that the Rangers wouldn't make the playoffs but now that seems too easy. (3) Mark Cuban Struggle Face. (4) Cuban elaborated on why he thinks the NFL will implode in 10 years because of greed by writing a five point essay -- and only one of the points had to do with greed. (5) Yesterday morning, The Ticket had the Fake Nolan Ryan on to talk about his curse on the Texas Rangers -- they've done the Ryan bit since the 1990s. Yesterday afternoon, the talent deprived Ben and Skin Show on The Fan had the Fake Nolan Ryan on to talk about his curse on the Texas Rangers.  (6) Fox 4's Mike Doocy said last night that going to New York in the NIT is more valuable for SMU than an early exit from the NCAA Tourney. Couldn't disagree more -- no one remembers that Baylor won the NIT last year. (7) The time a Randy Johnson fastball destroyed a bird in spring training. (8) There's a photo going around of former Buffalo Bill QB Jim Kelly in a hospital room with his daughter as he battles cancer. I don't know if it is touching or daughter self-promotion. 
  • What was that Malaysian press conference about? That the plane is probably at the bottom of the ocean? Was that really news?
  • I've seen Meet the Parents a ton of times but never realized Phyllis George was in it. 
  • Watched Capote again this weekend. It's weird because it is so entertaining watching Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a movie that isn't at all entertaining. 
  • A couple of guys parachuted off the Freedom Tower last year. A video was released yesterday -- it takes a while to get going but it's pretty wild. 
  • "And Another" - Georgia.  2014 takes a step backwards with this one but gets a little extra credit for involving the Waffle House.
  • No two words have been abused more in the last decade than "Breaking News." 
  • Fascinating story in last month's Texas Monthly. Basically a couple of ex-Baylor students take the Bible very literally and form what may or may not be a cult in Wells, Texas. In fact, that's the subtitle: "When is a church a cult?" It's a fine line.