The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Shout out to the two Century Link guys who came to fix my Internet connection yesterday at the office. Funny and efficient. And they even started out the job pointing out that they were Liberally Lean fans and (I hope jokingly) said they knew they had to hurry over to the job before the comments section started dogging the company.
  • The Sophomore In The House ran over to me last night with a waxed covered hand yelling in (fortunately) a bad acting voice of "I burned my hand!" Mrs. LL was standing nearby to calm my fears in the event I fell for the bit. I have no idea what they were doing over there -- some skin softening trick I think.
  • TCU coach Gary Patterson seems like he's gained a lot of weight. And he seems overly stressed on the sideline this season. There will be bad times, man. You've got a lot of equity built up -- roll with it while you fix it.
  • That bagofnothing guy wrote yesterday that he was beginning to dislike the soldier/child surprise reunions that news crews were filming because the coverage seemed to cheapen the moment. I promise I was going to say the same thing yesterday but simply forgot to do so. Couldn't agree more.
  • Oh, man: Mrs. LL tells me yesterday that she has bought tickets to Oswald: The Actual Interrogation at Casa Manana for Saturday. (How did I not know about that show?) But, uh, that's also at the same time as Texas Tech / Baylor game at Cowboys Stadium. When I timidly pointed that out, she was more than understanding (sincerely  - not faking) and told me that her mom had already expressed interest in the ticket if I didn't want to go. I'm thinking. Thinking.
  • One sportswriter I forgot to mention who habitually says "I had a nice chat with [insert athlete]" was Peter King. He may be the worst offender of self important self promotion.
  • Someone posted the other day as the "Double Fake Speaks Volumes Guy". That made me laugh.
  • I'm disappointed with Megyn Kelly's new show on Fox News. I always considered her to at least attempt to be a slight voice of reason amongst all the noise. Now she seems to be following an angry right wing script providing regurgitated talking points readily devoured by her viewers. And she doesn't even seem comfortable selling it.
  • "If you can't win elections, you can't govern." - Rick Perry on whether the Tea Party needs to be more pragmatic. 
  • "The sudden appearance of about 40 [peaceful yet] armed men outside a Dallas-area restaurant this weekend was the latest confrontation between an open-carry gun-rights group and a mothers group advocating gun control that was meeting inside." A quick consultation with a PR firm would have been well worth the money for the gun rights group. Your message will always get lost if it's not packaged correctly. 
  • Had a guy tell me as I walked to the office that the Decatur girls beat their "nemesis" Argyle last night in the volleyball playoffs. I knew Abilene Wylie was a nemesis but I'm not well versed on volleyball rivalries. 
  • If anyone gets angry about the "not guilty by reason of insanity" verdict referenced in the Update, please read the sentence that the State did not contest the fact the guy was crazy and that he did not know right from wrong. The trial at least sets forth a procedure to get the guy help. A dismissal wouldn't have done that. 
  • Jon Stewart went after Sen. Lindsey Graham the other day. And it was fantastic.
  • Gov. Chris Christie is on the cover of Time this week with the caption "The Elephant In The Room". Clever. He's a big guy and possibly a moderate Republican who could shake up the Tea Party's desired takeover of the GOP.
  • I heard on the radio that Mav's coach Rick Carlisle "doesn't suffer fools". And although that was said as a compliment, I consider that to be code for a one word derogatory term he greatly deserves.
  • I'm a fairly good Bible trivia guy (I once stunned friends in online Jeopardy by knowing the answer to a question about an obscure Old Testament god named "Baal") but I had no idea that the "suffer fools" was from 2 Corinthians.
  • Mrs. LL and I rarely watch Seinfeld anymore but we did last night. When she hit the "info" button she almost fell out of her chair when she learned the episode we were watching was twenty-two years old. 
  • Fifth Grader in the House yesterday as I was watching the news: "Are they already talking about running for President?" Me: "Yep. It never ends. And everyone is so angry." Her: "It's like no one wants to agree. They all think they are right." Out of the mouth of babes.
  • NFL: The Saints set an NFL record with 40 first downs on Dallas but more shocking is that they had a 625-193 yard edge.
  • The Sophomore in the House was watching Life of Pi and then stopped down to ask if we thought bananas would float. 
  • Everyone is up in arms over the "new" college basketball rule that disallows hand checking. That rule led to a mind numbing 79 free throws in yesterday's Baylor/South Carolina game. 
  • Man, I got dogged the other day after saying that Lee Harvey Oswald's widow had been remarried for the last 50 years. OK, technically it was 48 1/2 years. My apologies. A grievous error. (Side note: I learned that her new husband had already been married twice before that third marriage "took".)