The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

-This will be limited since my office Internet is down and writing this on an iPad is a beating. 
-My assistant just came in and gave me a copy of "Double Down". Love her. 
-I've got "Killing Kennedy" DVR'd. 
-I watched an old episode of "The Brady Bunch". It was about the family going to the Grand Canyon. I stopped down with the scene of all nine family members (Alice included) in one station wagon. ---They were all singing and as happy as could be.  Oh, the 70s. 
-Some of the comments lately have been oozing hate. I don't know how some of you live that way. But it's ironically entertaining. 
-I could sleep all day listening to the cold wind. 
-The most evil prosecutor in the world who intentionally withheld evidence that caused Michael Morton to be wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years has agreed to give up his law license and serve nine days in jail. Nine days!
-Watched some Vietnam documentaries yesterday. Incredible bravery by those guys in a foreign land. 
-I really like Sting's "Fields of Gold"