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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've been on a rant lately about the slew of Dallas cops opening fire on people who they say "acted in an aggressive manner" or "pointed a weapon in officer's direction." Well, now we have a video tape proving that's not even close to the truth sometimes.  
  • A "rampage" in a Chico trailer led to a twenty year sentence last year. The conviction was affirmed yesterday (in an insignificant legal opinion.)
  • A huge crowd yesterday at the memorial service of County Judge Billy McElhaney. Seating capacity was 750 and there seemed to be many, many more standing. 
  • And there were so many people there that I had a connection with: It was a crowd dominated by old school Bridgeport and Wise County government. That's pretty much me. 
  • Briefly walking around the Bridgeport cemetery yesterday was jarring because of all of the graves of people I knew. 
  • When I look at a grave I tend not to remember the person as much as I think about those who grieve when they visit it. 
  • Money Pit continues: Yesterday the banister on the staircase came loose - as in almost collapse.  (Although I think I can fix it.) But I did get to remind everyone of the number of times I've said, "Do not pull on that rail!"
  • Sports: (1) There was a whole lot of lying going on yesterday at the Nolan Ryan exit press conference. (2) Randy Galloway got lots of criticism of his questioning of co-owner Ray Davis, but I thought that was fair. And Davis made the rookie mistake of answering a question with a question during a press conference. (3) The regularly confused WBAP duo of Brian Estridge and Steve Lamb said this morning that disgruntled and released Cowboy Jay Ratliff had the franchise tag placed on him before the season. (4) TCU Coach Gary Patterson on this week's game against Oklahoma State: “Reading the paper, we’re a ‘trap game'. In 16 years, I haven’t ever been a trap game.” You haven't ever been an underdog in 16 years to a team that might be looking past you? Really? (5) Paradise v. Pilot Point was The Ticket's Craig Way Memorial Game Of The Week this morning. George Dunham made his pick by saying, "I've got two tickets to Paradise!"
  • A lady in Mineral Wells was found dead in a "chest freezer" in Mineral Wells in August. Yesterday the coroner reported that the death was accidental with "toxicology tests [revealing] methamphetamine, marijuana, hydrocodone and an unnamed anti-anxiety medication." What a way to go. 
  • And I still have a beef with coroner reports. They are doctors. Not investigators. (Despite what you see on TV.) The only thing that they can be concluded in that case is that she froze to death and had drugs in her system.  Yeah, the chances of her passing out and someone placing her in the freezer to kill her are remote, but there is no way by examining a body that you can conclude that did not happen. 
  • I don't think I've ever seen the hard Right Wing so disjointed as they are after this failed "Unfund Obamacare" disaster. Sean Hannity appears to be in depression. But why did they pick a fight when there was a 100% chance they would lose? 
  • A 67 year old Boyd man was arrested yesterday for the murder of a man 45 years ago in Pennsylvania. I wonder how many 22 year olds would kill someone if they knew for a fact they would get away with it for the next 45 years.