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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a "fugitive" held up in a Parker County home this morning which gave rise to this sentence in the Star-Telegram: "He was paroled in 2010, but six months later he was convicted again of possessing a controlled substance, 'meth habitual,' according to TDCJ." (I'm guessing that's not the name of the drug but instead it was a possession offense with two prior prison trips. Thus, a "habitual offender" under Texas law.) Update: Police killed him. 
  • The Fifth Grader in the house fell for the old "I bet you can't be quiet for a whole hour" trick last night. But I've got a new respect for her discipline because that kid loves to talk.
  • Yesterday David Dewhurst said President Obama should be impeached. It's one thing for the fringes of the Tea Party to say something like that but shocking when it comes from a Lt. Governor. 
  • I saw the "Overpasses For Impeachment" demonstration on 407/287 on Friday in Wise County. I'm guessing maybe twenty people tops. (And they grossly underestimated how big a sign needs to be to get motorist's attention.)
  • The Denton County police (unofficial) Twitter book-in feed showed a 17 year old arrested for possession of tobacco last night. I clicked on the pic expecting to see some goofy high school kid. Nope. Throttle back, man. Throttle back. 
  • A Texas guy became mildly famous over the weekend during the "Million Vet March" as he stood in front of the White House with the unofficial Tea Party flag along with a Confederate flag. 
  • Sports: (1) I really didn't pay attention at the time to the Red Sox comeback win on Sunday but that was fantastic, (2) I feel sorry for RG3 -- he's just not right yet, (3) That was horrible crowd attendance at the TCU game on Saturday -- Where is everyone? (4) You think every National Championship team just waltzes through the the season? Not so fast my friend. (5) I could listen to Barry Switzer all day long. 
  • The Dallas teacher/Playboy model says she's been fired
  • There is a shocking lack of racial diversity in law firms in Dallas. The only silver lining for minorities  is that there is not a worse job in the world than the bill-by-the-tenth-of-an-hour Dallas big law firm job. I did it for the first three years of my career and walked away. Smartest thing I ever did. 
  • I jogged last night, reflecting after a very difficult day,  and became really overheated due to the humidity and the lack of wind. After returning and leaning over the sink in the kitchen the Fifth Grader in the House handed me a cup of water. Sounds insignificant. Not to me. 
  • Mrs. LL bought a commemorative edition of the Dallas Morning News which is an exact replica of the paper as it was published the day after JFK was shot. It's sealed in plastic. It's not worth anything but she won't let me rip it open and read it until she buys another one to save.