Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Everyone keeps saying the Oklahoma tornado was a "mile wide" or "two miles wide". It was not even close, right? It was devastating but that path of destruction looks to be a quarter-mile wide tops. 
  • It takes a back seat to the loss of human life, but over 100 horses were killed at the Orr Family Farm.
  • True?: WBAP said that those in Moore, OK who had a safe room would register the GPS coordinates of its location within the house with the city that way rescue workers would know exactly where the front door of the room was if the house was in rubble. I question that. 
  • Lady finds dog in rubble during post-tornado interview.
  • When we had out-of-state friends stay with us a couple of years ago, they freaked out when they saw news of a "tornado warning".  We forget how much that is part of our culture. 
  • But you couldn't help but look at sky late yesterday without having a little bit of anxiety overcome you. 
  • I promise on CNN last night the anchor asked the on-air-meteorologist what the chances were of Moore being hit by another tornado today. (Just so you know, she replied that she didn't think they would see one the same size.)
  • There were a couple of fantastic underground storm shelters in my neighborhood growing up. But I'm not sure if they were built for protection from the storms or from Russian bombs.
  • Pete Delkus has already gone crazy this morning: "Damaging wind (60-80 mph+), large hail (golf ball – baseball size) and tornadoes are possible this afternoon and evening."  He gets an "out" by using the word "possible" I guess. 
  • A faithful reader named "Ty" emailed me to say Bridgeport approved artificial turf for the football stadium last night. I don't know it it is true. If it is, you heard it here first. If not, blame Ty. 
  • Tony Romo had a "cyst" removed from his back and will miss workouts for the next three weeks?
  • Boyd's only Greg Williams wrote yesterday about being abused as a child and then almost killing the guy with a rock. A pretty chilling title, too: "A Boy's Life." 
  • CSCOPE lesson plans are dead. I think this means our kids will no longer be converted to Islam. 
  • I don't think there is anyone more pompous on Twitter than former Morning News reporter Jean Jacques Taylor. And it makes me insane that he constantly tweets he'll be "spittin' truth" on the radio.