Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Modern Family is back to being good this season. It may be about the only sit-com I watch.
  • I finally watched a 30 for 30 episode on former "Robo-quarterback" Todd Marinovich. Good stuff. He was out of the NFL in two years back in the 1990s and addicted to drugs. "What happened to Todd Marinovich?" the film asks. Easy answer: A crazy over-bearing dad. 
  • Finally checked back in on Dennis Prager yesterday. He was laughing about how anyone who takes the Fifth Amendment at trial or asks for a lawyer when contacted by the police could be anything other than guilty. He sounded like a Fourth Grader, and I was actually embarrassed for him. He actually took one call from a guy who tried to explain that those rights are in something called the Constitution, but he cut him off. 
  • Congressional hearings are not about truth finding. They are about sound bites. 
  • An incredible bridge fire and collapse in Lampasas County. 
  • From the Star-Telegram story on prior murders in Southlake: (1) Dr. Scott C. Stone Jr. flew to Southlake in 1999 from North Carolina and ambushed his ex-wife, also a physician, while she was jogging. He then killed himself , and (2) In 1994, Terence O’Regan stabbed his estranged wife because he was afraid that she would reveal his “penchant for cross-dressing.”  They go large. 
  • I don't have much of an opinion on the Boy Scouts/Gays controversy. I still believe private organizations can do whatever they want to do. 
  • But on WBAP this morning, Hal Jay suggested there just be a "Gay Boy Scouts" group. "I don't care," he said. "I'd by cookies from them." Co-host Brian Estridge said, "They [the cookies] might be better." Estridge, who might be part caveman, would get in a lot of trouble for a lot of his comments if anyone ever heard them on the radio.
  • We put a little bell on the new puppy because we're all scared of stepping on her. Then we realized she likes to do gymnastics in the middle of the night. 
  • There was lots of publicity of sexual assaults by SMU students over the last couple of years, but one kid was found not guilty yesterday of such an offense in Dallas. I love this part: The prosecutors asked the judge to allow the jury to consider lesser charges (just in case the jury didn't believe the sexual assault charge). The judge denied it telling them, "You do all or nothing here." It's kind of like saying, "You indicted the case that way, now lets see if you backed it up." They didn't. 
  • That was a pretty quick "hung jury" note in the Jodi Arias trial. I wonder if we already have a couple of people saying, "We can sit here for years, but I'm not giving that lady the death penalty."
  • If you missed the Jose Canseco story yesterday, you've got to read it. He's either crazy or doing the best job of "getting out in front of a story" in the history of ever. 
  • Ain't no way I'm running a video camera three feet away from a guy with blood on his hands who is holding murder weapons and talking like a crazy man.