Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Bangladesh update: Death toll over 1,000 but with one lady found alive.  (Photo of her on stretcher.)
  • The State Department is removing plans for 3D printable gun from the Internet? (1) If true, that's disturbing, and (2) Wouldn't that kind of be like a celebrity trying to remove an embarrassing photo from the Internet? It just isn't possible.
  • The Texas House passed a law dealing with unauthorized drone use last night (it'll die in the Senate.) I didn't realize that was a problem.
  • The woman caught in the viral photo the other day flipping off an NBA player has been identified as a four time married socialite who might have killed her hedge fund husband.  A very long article on the death begins:  "The hedge-funder Seth Tobias was found dead in his pool. His hard-partying wife has been accused of his murder by her Internet psychic, who also says the hedge-funder was having an affair with a male stripper named Tiger. And it just gets more sordid from there." Do tell.
  • That Duncanville kid who did the rant against his teacher? (1) Mark Davis thinks it might have been pre-planned, and he might not be wrong. That camera was incredibly still while he was being filmed. (2) What's up with that kid's hair? (3) And it was the teacher, and not the kid, who got suspended?
  • Charles Ramsey, the viral hero of the Cleveland kidnapped girls, was tainted a little bit when it was revealed by a Cleveland TV station that he had a criminal history. But get this: The TV station later apologized and took the story down saying, "While the story was factually sound, the timing of it and publication of such information was not in good taste . . . ." You've got to be kidding. That's the state of journalism these days? 
  • The WBAP crew were trying to name the original MTV Jays this morning and one of them (not Hal Jay), said "Nina Hartley" instead of "Nina Blackwood."
  • There's some commentor who calls me an "ambulance chaser." I'm 100% sure he has no idea what that term means. 
  • I was in a courthouse side room by myself yesterday when a total stranger just walked in out of the blue  and began weeping uncontrollably -- and I do mean weeping - as he tried to explain to me the trouble he was in. I have no idea why he chose me to talk to. I felt like a dad trying to console a broken-hearted child. 
  • Crazy alleged case of "parking lot rage" at the Decatur High School per the Update this morning. The kid  has some defenders on his Facebook page. Edit: I can see the Facebook page and I'm not on his Friends list, but others say it's closed. Probably Facebook security settings (some have it set to allow it open to "friends of friends")