Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • C.J. Wilson can now brag about his new supermodel fiance. (Yep, that's her  in the link.)
  • "Judge rules Kountze cheerleaders may display signs with Bible verses on them."  Hey, that was the local district judge who made that ruling -- he's no political fool. An appellate court down the way will set him straight. (In the future, you want the cheerleader supervisors to allow the girls to display a verse from the Koran?)
  • Bangladesh death toll: 948
  • I didn't post a lot of comments about the Decatur School Board race yesterday because it just seemed like two people trying to flood the comments section. 
  • Sports: (1) North Texas will play at the University of Tennessee in 2015.  (2) TCU will do a home and home with Minnesota in 2014 and 2015 but get this: TCU will pay Minnesota $500,000 for breaking a previous contract with South Dakota State to do this deal and pay Minnesota $400,000 to come to Fort Worth. 
  • Man, those two brothers of the Cleveland kidnapper got thrown under the bus on the first day. Yesterday, a prosecutor said there was "no evidence" they were involved. 
  • And that Cleveland case, eventually, will become relevant in the debate about the "rape and incest" exception that some Pro-Life folks advocate. 
  • Did you see the kid in the Duncanville classroom go on a rant against his teacher? He needs a teacher in the area of Respect, and I'm shocked by the amount of support the kid is getting online. 
  • I'm not saying its not newsworthy, but the story on the front page of the Messenger about the Bridgeport football player was kind of out of character for them. 
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a photo go so viral so quickly as the one from the NBA game last night which has been labeled: "Most Miami Lady Ever Flips Joakim Noah The Bird." 
  • After yesterday, I think we've seen the last stand of Benghazi story. No bombshells were revealed. 
  • President Obama will fly to Austin today an Gov. Perry will meet him on the tarmac. That last time that happened, Perry embarrassed himself by trying to hand the President a letter. I bet Perry has learned his lesson.