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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know how you could have better beaches than what is here. White sand. Small waves. And, depending on the tide, the water is so shallow that it is like walking on it. 
  • The picture below (rare for me to post stuff like that, I know) shows what I'm talking about exactly. And the sun set makes for perfect lighting for great photos. We took a ton. 
  • In the photo I'm actually saying, "This is so cheesy."  Then I saw it later and it was anything but. 
  • I don't know what I think about Seaside. It's like you are walking around in a 1950's town that would be quaint if the tourists hadn't found it. 
  • There's actually a Truman House on a side road which had absolutely no one looking at it besides us. 
  • The dolphins swam by yesterday when the beach was crowded but their fins breaking the surface looked a little creepy. I soooo wanted to break out into the character of the mayor from Jaws with, "It's a beautiful day. The beaches are open. Welcome to Amityville."
  • Finally had a few drunk spring breakers show up but very few. Almost all the condos require someone over 25 to be the renter. 25 is the new 18. 
  • Florida has the "speed limit enforced by aircraft" signs.  That's a government lie, right?
  • I'm posting this now but I'm still writing more. I overslept. 
  • I had to make the dreaded Subway Sandwich run for five orders. I made everyone write theirs down neatly because I'm not talking to anyone for that long to order food. And when a lone guy came in behind me, I asked the clerk to let him go in front of me. "No! You were here first!" Sassy little gal
  • I found a beat up football. After throwing it with the Fourth Grader in The Condo, we secretly buried it on the beach. The goal today is to find it. 
  • We watched The Cosby Show last night. To my surprise, I now want the kids to watch every episode. There are a lot of life lessons in there that I'm not capable of teaching. 
  • Beach people watching is the best people watching. 
  • On the first day on the balcony I looked out and said, "The sea was angry that day my friend."  Our Visitor in the Condo who goes to a private school said, "old man in the sea".  I'm thinking Seinfeld. She's thinking Hemingway. 
  • Before we went to sleep the other night, I was watching The Family Guy and Mrs. LL was reading a book on New Orleans voodoo. And we were both totally happy.