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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We're live from Destin, Florida this morning. Things might be a little slow around here this week, and the content will be a little different.
  • Mrs. LL gets sick whenever she is a passenger. So what did she insist on this road trip? Driving the whole time. Fine by me. We broke it up by spending the night in Shreveport.
  • You ever been in a car from Shreveport to Destin? BEAT-ING.
  • I'm not a big restarant guy but I made it a point to taking everyone to Shreveport's Crawdaddy's Kitchen because it was ranked #1 on (which I am a big fan of.) It was the worst service in the history of ever. And when we go back to the hotel, Mrs. LL was writing a review on TripAdvisor that looked to be as long as War and Peace. I'm so scared that I haven't read it yet.
  • Recall we've got two teenage girls and one Fourth grade girl on this trip with us. On the way back from the restaurant, Mrs. LL played a trick on me by firing up the seat warmer. I was so delerious that I fired off an uncharacteritic, "My butt is on fire!" Within moments, the Kids in the Car were singing, "My butt is on fire" to the tune of Alicia Key's "This girl is on fire."
  • Odd comment from our guest teenager afterwards: "You're so distinguished that it is really funny when you're not." I don't know how to take that. 
  • She also has her driver's learning permit so we asked her how well she could drive. "I have a little trouble aiming the car sometimes," she said. 
  • Our plan was to go to the Bonnie and Clyde death scene (dark) and Vicksburg's Civil War Memorial the next day but it was raining. My scientific calculations determined that we'd be driving underneath the storm all morning if we headed East. So we decided to go through New Orleans on the way to Design and see the other sights on the way home (if we're still speaking.)
  • We stopped by the Nottoway Plantation on the way and I took this pic. You can't help but being swept back in time as you walk the grounds. 
  • Our stop over in New Orleans was brief and we walked along the Mississippi River. There a "Holocaust Park" area which was being honored by three guys by smoking pot. 
  • Highway 10 in Mississippi and Alabama is the darkest road in America.
  • Mrs. LL likes to listen to Ticket Podcasts with her favorite being the callers in the voting of "Emergency Brake of the Week." We both had headset in and we're laughing out loud. The 
  • Kids in the Back decide to do a bit, unbeknownst to us, by saying crazy things to us and seeing if we would laugh at the perfect time.
  • Even when loud, it's impossible to get irritated with the Kids laughing. 
  • The Wise County kill-a-hog contest is over. That was some serious money they were throwing around over there. 
  • No newspaper shot today because I can't make it work.