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Did he say "Eighter from Decatur" at the craps table?

"FORT WORTH - A former employee of a plant that makes more than half of America's paper currency [you know the one: on 287 on the way to Fort Worth] pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking stolen cash outside Texas. Donald Edward Stokes Jr., 39, of Keller also had been charged with stealing $30,000 from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth . . . . .Authorities say Stokes stole more than $600,000 over seven years by regularly stuffing his pockets with folded sheets of $20 or $50 bills. The bills were flawed and had been marked for destruction, but the money still had value and was usable.When Stokes was arrested in Oklahoma City after a routine traffic stop, officers found about $80,000 in the car, including about $30,000 from the plant, authorities said. They believe the rest was from gambling winnings in Las Vegas."

If he stole the $600,000 in only demoninations of $50 bills, he would have stolen 12,000 bills.

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