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Where There's A Tragedy . . .

Last Sunday in Fort Worth, a 44-year-old woman put her vehicle in drive instead of reverse and ran over and tragically killed a 3-year-old boy. She had alcohol on her breath and was arrested for Intoxication Manslaughter. So the cops take a sample of her blood, check it for alcohol, and (surprise) it was .06 - below the legal limit of .08. So the charges were dropped, right? Noppers. The police will refer the case to the DA's office for prosecution because, according to Sgt. Don Hanlon, she didn't do well on the Field Sobriety Tests. Hey: Anybody out there think they could keep their foot in the air for 30 seconds or take 18 steps heel-to-toe without error after you just ran over a three year old? It's all part of a growing trend of "If there's a tragedy, there must be a crime." That's not necessarily so. The Star-Telegram story is here.