Random Friday Morning Thoughts

A surprise ice storm really surprised a Rhome PD officer as 
he put his car in the ditch. 

  • In a weird report by a partisan special prosecutor yesterday we learned (1) President Biden "willfully" had classified documents in his garage, but (2) at the same time, there was insufficient evidence that was true, but (3) let's take some gratuitous shots of him being elderly with a poor memory.  I remember a day where prosecutors either indicted a person if they committed a crime and, if not, they just shut up. 

    • The President was downright furious at the tone of the report, and even went so far as to hold a press conference last night to say so.  It was a wild scene. 

    • Flashback:

    • I don't think any of this matters.  Just like last time, people will crawl across glass to vote against Trump. They don't care who the alternative is. There is no greater motivated voter than the anti-Trump voter. 
  • That's a bold strategy.  He actually said, “Are you kidding me? Want me to tell you how many people have done that in the House?”

    • Hey, he dressed up as "Gay Hitler" one time

    • Everyone and their dog started distancing from Biedermann yesterday, including Abbott and Paxton. It is noteworthy the Biedermann has endorsed the Wise County resident who is running for the Texas House -- and endorsement which is still being promoted.

  • I want to see the bodycam of this event yesterday which shut down I-20.

  • Back to local politics. These mailers are going out in Wise County and they are oozing with Christian Nationalism. And who is behind them? It all goes back, in part, to Jonathon Stickland's Pale Horse Strategies -- the group that used to run the Texas Oilman PAC which is trying to buy the Wise County election for Dr. Lynn Stucky's opponent. That opponent has strong ties to Pale Horse and has received $155,000 (here and here) from the Oilman PAC. 

  • The Supreme Court arguments about Colorado kicking Trump off the ballot for Insurrection went about as expected. It might be a 9-0 decision to restore him to the ballot. 

  • They had one? If I was a student, I would have been very interested in that. 

  • The AI wars continue to ramp up.

  • I can't handle this.

    His statue at TCU yesterday.


  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 228 days.