Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I nailed that one because a few weeks later this happened:

  • Notable death this morning. Stomach cancer. 

  • Another notable death yesterday.

  • A Fort Worth fire truck on the way to a fire last night ended up on its side for an unknown reason. Four injured.

  • No verdict yet.

  • Members of Congress demonstrating how we are reaching Idiocracy.

  • King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • The border compromise bill is all but dead, but a noteworthy group endorsed it yesterday

    • Even the conservative Wall Street Journal is on board.

  • Ron DeSantis is back in Florida and held a press conference yesterday. I think that slogan could use a little workshopping. 

  • Let's check in on Fox Business channel.

  • Whatever that crazy lady is doing will always get my attention. 

  • Legal nerdy Court of Criminal Appeals political news.
    •  Ken Paxton has targeted three judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals who are up for re-election and one of them is firing back at him loudly on Twitter. This is very weird.
    • This guy might want to consider paying that mortgage:

  • NFL Fun Fact: The Philadelphia Eagles will open their season with a game in Brazil and on a Friday. Opponent to be announced.