Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The ground suddenly collapsed under a house on Lake Whitney. So what did they do later in the week? They intentionally set it on fire

  • I think I'll stay out of the prediction business this time.

  • Journalism is dying. The Tarrant County D.A.'s office puts out this brief press release and KXAS,  Fox 4 News, and other outlets just regurgitate it word for word. There has to be a back story to this and much more to the story, but no one asks any questions 

  • This video is wild. No one died, although I was really worried about the guy at the end.

  • A good guy with a gun, no doubt. 

  • OK, let's reign this in a little. They've gone a little lawsuit-happy.  

  • Legal nerdy stuff: I'll periodically check in on the "Young Thug" trial in Atlanta because is so wheels off. Well, yesterday, all four wheels came off because the defense lawyer found out about an unethical closed door secret meeting between a reluctant witness, the State, and the judge in order to convince the witness to testify.  I can't tell you how bad this is. 

    • But then the he judge, acting like it is perfectly fine to have a secret meeting, wanted to know how the defense lawyer found out about it and uttered this damning sentence: "“It’s disturbing that somehow you have surreptitiously gotten information concerning this Courts ex parte communication with a party.” Nothing quite like admitting to the secret meeting on the record. Video.
    • The lawyer -- I love this guy -- wouldn't tell the judge how he learned about, so the judge threw him in jail. Video
    • This was day #88 of the trial. It's a complete circus. 
  • The President Biden's campaign ten released a great ten second ad.  All they have to is just play clips of Trump saying crazy stuff. This was from Sunday when he held a rally in extreme heat. "Do you feel the breeze? I don't want anybody going [meaning dying] on me. We need every voter. I don't care about you. I just want your vote. I don't care."

  • The Business Second™. 

  • Apple is now all in on AI. "SAN FRANCISCO — Apple officially launched itself into the artificial intelligence arms race, announcing a deal with ChatGPT maker OpenAI to use the company’s technology in its products and showing off a slew of its own new AI features." Even OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman was at the event yesterday. 

  • We are about to be inundated with significant Supreme Court decisions. It's already June 11th, and there are have been basically nothing released so far. The public won't know what hit them, and that just might be the plan. 

  • A list of non-conventional national championships won this year.

  • A tremendous and entertaining history lesson documentary is is Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War on Netflix. It was released this year.