Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago, a great viral video was making waves on the Internet as "good-looking couple recreates song from Frozen."  I was stunned this weekend to learn they would go on to become big players in a new Netflix documentary called Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal.

  • I'm guessing the Update will have this story which happened Friday evening:

  • Hey, Wise County Sheriff's Office, your PDF jail list hasn't been updated in five days.
  • Israel conducted a raid in Gaza to free four hostages. It also killed as many as 270 civilians in the process. 

  • Four people were shot in Deep Ellum over the weekend but none died. Fox4Terry was on the scene

  • Oh, my

  • Let's see, what lake stands out?

  • The main road between Idaho and Wyoming collapsed.

  • Look at the gobbledygook  quote in this story:

  • Carrizo Springs, Texas.

  • Trump's teleprompters went out yesterday in Nevada, and he went on a 1:24 second rant about electric boats, sharks, batteries, and recent shark attacks in the news. It's insane. Video.

  • It's behind a paywall, but the Rolling Stone has a feature on the man behind the West Texas Oilman Pac -- the same guy who single handedly elected Andy Hopper to represent Wise County in the Texas legislature by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. 

  • I like the Star-Telegram but their web presence is gawd-awful. Case in point: Right now the same headline appears three times on its home page.  And it's a story out of Houston.

  • Random sports oddity: The Aggies are headed to the college world series by scoring five runs in one inning to take the lead and only required one single to do it