Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

There are so many crazy killings in this country, we can't possibly begin to remember them all. This couple killed five. Wikipedia article here

  • Survivors of Sandy Hook graduated last night.  Twenty of their former classmates are still dead.  A monument to when we learned America no longer cared about gun violence.

  • Update from yesterday.  I haven't seen a response from Wise County rep-elect Andy Hopper who recently appeared on the group's podcast. 

  • The former special prosecutor who derailed the Trump prosecution in Georgia by having an affair with the D.A. went on CNN last night. It did not go well. Video.

  • Trump returns to the scene of the crime today for the first time. He'll be in the U.S. Capitol building. 

  • Whenever I see headlines like this, I know there has been judge shopping to get the case in front of either federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in Amarillo or federal Judge Reed O'Connor in Fort Worth. Both are involved here.

  • He's got a ton of charges but, and I'm just spit-balling her, let me say the bond amounts might be just a tad too high. Story. Some background.

  • A kid ran onto the field at a Reds game which gave us two incredible photos.

  • Random Tech Stuff: Some guy loaded all the Trump trial pdf transcripts into Google Pinpoint and made them uniquely searchable. To which I thought, "What the heck is Google Pinpoint?"

  • Update to the ex parte meeting with the judge in the Young Thug case in Atlanta: If this is what happened in the meeting, this case just got weirder. The reluctant witness said he was the one who killed the victim? And the D.A. didn't immediately disclose this to the defense lawyer?

  • Very Legal nerdy stuff: We has a shockingly pro-Defendant case out of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday. When police fail to turn over evidence to prosecutors until the last second (or during trial), that evidence can be suppressed by the trial court even if the prosecutors didn't know the agency possessed it. 
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