Random Monday Morning Thoughts

A deserting Army soldier who was held captive by the Taliban for five years was exchanged for five prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay.

  • The West Fork of the Trinity River in Jack County which feeds into Lake Bridgeport is in flood stage (and expected to be higher tomorrow because of yesterday's rain.)  The lake is rising but slowly.

  • The prosecution of Hunter Biden for allegedly lying on a gun purchase form begins today. Until this weekend, I didn't know the back story of how the cops got involved in it back in 2018, but the story is pretty crazy.

  • Story.

  • Trump now says he never said, "Lock her up."  The capacity of the man to lie knows no bounds.

  • This guy was campaigning in Bridgeport with presumptive state rep Andy Hopper last week.

  • But I didn't expect President Biden to don a Chief's helmet on Friday.

  • Both Trump's lawyer and the Speaker of the House have no idea how the Supreme Court works. Video and video.

  • The crazy far right head of the Republican Party of Tarrant County now has the Aggie Law School in his crosshairs.

  • Here is a tremendous thread on the procedural history of the case and the consequences the man was facing. Amazing and amazingly sad.

  • The Business Second™.

  • I missed this arrest when it happened. Were drugs involved? No. Alcohol? No.  The former sheriff of Knox County is charged with manslaughter for "driving at an unreasonable speed at the time of the collision and not looking out for traffic controls."

  • Quick hits: Mexico elected a female president yesterday, and North Korea says it will stop sending garbage-filled balloons to South Korea.