Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

It would be a year later when Trump would go down the golden escalator.

  • Anyone want to have your ex-wife and ex-girlfriend to testify in open court about your worst days?

  • It's D-Day. Beware: There are modern day Nazis amongst you.

    • Here's a great Wikipedia article on the only 11 photos of the initial wave of the D-Day invasion. 
    • Fox and Friends told us this morning that the 21 Gun Salute that occurred moments ago at the remembrance ceremony in France was based upon the fact that 21 is "what you get when you add up the numbers in 1776." Uh, I don't think that's correct.

  • Holy cow.

  • He's just The Governor Who Does Bits now.

  • The kid barely got six inches in the air before the giraffe let go. Video.

  • Wise County Rep. Ronny Jackson made the news.

  • Hope that office fling was worth it.


  • The Business Second™.  If you think the NFL is big now . . . 

  • Messenger - Above the Fold