Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The Heisman Trophy winner got involved in Crab-gate. 

  •  "Three members of a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force were fatally shot during a standoff Monday while trying to serve a warrant in Charlotte. A Charlotte police officer died hours later from injuries he suffered during the incident. Four other law enforcement officers were wounded, and the person they were pursuing was killed."

  • I really don't understand UT being so heavy handed with protestors. Scenes from Austin yesterday:

  • Compare to Columbia where protestors took over a building last night. You can't be doing that

    • But this is nothing compared to 1968.

  • JPS tried to kill an open records request by the Star-Telegram to get information for this story but failed.

  • Here's an example of how much the Republican party has changed. This is the county judge of Tarrant County taking sides in Republic run-offs races. Back in the day, no Republican elected official would ever take sides in a Republican vs. Republican race. But they do now.  And when they do, it is always an Ultra-MAGA extremists trying to get another ultra-MAGA guy elected. (Yep, municipal races don't have party affiliation but its generally Republican vs. Republican in them.)

  • You just knew this was coming.


  • Bridgeport is in the lead in the state golf tournament. The final day is today.

  • The Texas Tribune has updated its searchable database for state salaries.  Below is an overview of the salaries for DPS. The purple circle represents all the troopers. The red arrow was drawn by me and represents you know who.

  • Legal stuff: Some district and county clerks in Texas are now being sued by for not making records filed with them available to the public on “the same business day” they are received.

  • Trump has had four of the last six days off from his criminal trial. He campaigned on none of them.