Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I posted this back then. It's a photo of the wreckage of two USAF aircraft which collided over Bridgeport in 1958, killing 18 people.

  • We are through the first day of jury selection in Trump's Manhattan trial.  Half the jurors have been dismissed for saying the can't be fair, Trump may have fallen asleep, and he's complaining the judge won't let him go to Barron's graduation (although the graduation is over a month away, it falls on a Friday evening and he could make it, and the judge hasn't formally ruled on the request.)

    • This is a pretty good indication why it is slow-going right now.
  • Good lord. "Police say the three dogs were all shepherd mixes, approximately 80 pounds and belonged to the homeowner."

  • The Decatur School Board got a little heated last night when the topic of required board member continued education not being completed came up.  I've got it cued up for you on YouTube.

  • I thought this was a weird tidbit in the Messenger's Update yesterday when it had a blurb about an auto accident: "Due to DPS no longer providing details on non-fatality accidents, no additional information is available." What's up with that?
  • Hot opinion: There sure has been a lot made out of this incident which really turned out to be a typical car involving  excessive speed. And as far as the criminal cases are concerned, no one's going to get locked up.  And the civil cases are worth something, but not this:

  • Story. I suppose he's either sick or didn't get back in time from a free weekend cruise paid for by Harlan Crowe.

  • The Business Second™. But people get bent out of shape when they see someone using EBT/SNAP cards at Walmart?

  • The Second Business Second™.


  • Caitlin Clark became the #1 pick in the WNBA draft last night. These numbers are real. 

  • The Supreme Court today will hear arguments in a statutory construction case which will have a huge impact on January 6th prosecutions.

    • Legal nerdy stuff: I think the statute is pretty clear. However, if the "(1)" have been moved right in front of "impair", then I think the defendants would have a good point. On the other hand, that word "otherwise" is weird. Why is it in there at all?

  • Legal nerdy #2: Love this dissent yesterday in a case where the Supreme Court refused to hear whether an illegally obtained confession was "harmless" error when it was admitted into evidence. In general, an error seems to always be "harmless" to everyone other than the person's whose trial who was tainted by it. 

  • NASCAR can have it's spring race at the Texas Motor Speedway and you barely even hear about it these days.