Random Monday Morning Thoughts

With the NFL draft a couple of weeks away, Johnny Football was at the Rangers game 
with model Kyndal Kyaire.

  • Iran launched 300 drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday. No deaths or  no major damage occurred as almost everyone was intercepted by air defense systems. 

    • Before they had even entered in Israel air space, Iran issued a statement saying that the attack was in response to Israel's earlier act of aggression, but that "the matter can be deemed concluded."

    • I doesn't seem that Iran had any real expectation of anything actually striking Israel. This almost seemed like a symbolic act as much as anything. And maybe that's the only reason WWIII hasn't broken out. 
  • Trump's first criminal trial starts today in Manhattan as jury selection begins. 

    • Stormy's a fiery little gal.  Side note: It's hard to believe that Trump would refer to her as "Horseface" while he was president

  • A guy who was denied a CDL license retaliated against DPS in Benham. 

  • New this morning: Another example of things that used to be considered an accident now being treated as a crime. 

  • This warning from Friday doesn't bode well for the summer. 

  • Update on two women who went missing in Oklahoma. No details released.

  • A fight broke out at some fancy horse race in England and the photos coming out of it, and the crowd in general, are fabulous

  • Trump and the word "beautiful."
    • On Friday discussing the patchwork framework of completely different abortion laws across the country:

    • Trump in Pennsylvania on Saturday:

      • Flashback:

  • The tax consequences of selling the Dallas Mavericks. 

  • At Mar-a-Lago last Friday:

  • The Business Second™.  A fancy home development is going in at the end of Bonds Ranch Road not far from the Wise County line. 

  • Photo of the week from The Masters.  That's actually the hand of Verne Lundquist.  

  • It is Tax Day, but I've always thought the "taxation is theft" crowd is nuts.