Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

A soldier killed four at troubled Ft. Hood, and David Letterman retired. 

  • Big hail in Rhome last night.  And the fact that this guy has that high tech measuring device makes me want to believe anything he says. 

  • New this morning. I'll say it again, Israel will pay for years for all the innocent people they have killed in Gaza. 

    • And they are poking Iran at the same time.  As well as proving they can hit what they want to hit with pinpoint accuracy.  

  • Some people really latch on to that "submission" thing. 

  • The mayor of Uvalde has resigned. He wasn't the mayor during the shooting, having only taken office last November, but during his term "the city released a report from an independent investigator commissioned by the city attorney that defended the actions of local police officers on the day a gunman . . . ."  The blowback probably got him. 

    • The lone Texas Ranger recommended to be fired for the Uvalde debacle is still being paid although he hasn't had to work in over a year.

  • Trump:
    • He avoids the Sheriff's sale by posting a bond yesterday. 

    • That was around the time that Trump had a revised gag order placed upon him after verbally attacking the judge's daughter. I'm not sure what the point is since he's never held accountable. 

    • Someone explain this Truth Social public offering scam to me.  Its stock seemed to have the same questions yesterday after financials were released.

  • The Florida Supreme Court yesterday greenlighted abortion bans being on the November ballot. Some people think that now puts Florida "in play" because Republican candidates have bombed in every election where abortion is on the ballot because of the increased turnout.

    • I'm skeptical, but the Biden/Trump race was closer in Florida than I thought in 2020.

  • I watched Reality the other day. The entire film is the re-enactment of a single interview of Reality Winner while the FBI raided her home in 2017 for providing classified documents to The Intercept.  Maybe I've listened to and watched too many police interviews in my career, but I thought it was great. It stars Sydney Sweeney.