Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The Rangers issued an apology for all of the beer cans on the statue. By the way, it was (only) the ballpark's 20th anniversary.

  • Someone fell 150 feet into the spillway at Lake Bridgeport yesterday. He was care-flighted and is in serious condition. How do you survive that? That's a long way down. 

  • Cameras are everywhere. Kansas City Chiefs WR Rashee Rice was in a multi-car wreck and allegedly left the scene.  Someone's dash cam caught the wreck while others filmed and photographed him walking away. He might want to try and handle this. 

  • On Friday, this thing fell off an overpass and onto a highway in Dallas. Fox4Terry was all over it.

  • I mentioned several months ago that I kept seeing news reports of shootings in and outside of hookah lounges. I've noticed two more in the last month. 

  • If you haven't seen the video of the car going through the fitness center in Dallas on Friday, here you go.  And keep your eye on the center where a couple of people are sitting on a couch. 

  • Trump: 
    • By noon on Easter morning, Trump had made 71 posts on Truth Social, including this one: 

    • Nothing says resurrection celebration like this:

    • And he started off on Good Friday by posting a video depicting President Biden hogtied in a truck.  

  • I'm not even going to mention the Trans Day of Visibility "controversy." How can people be so ill-informed? It's painful.
  • That's a three foot tall buzzsaw blade embedded into the front of a convenience store. Here's a crazy video showing how it ended up there. And one guy is very lucky.

  • Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, had a little trouble this weekend. 

  • Good. That D.A. was a moron. 

  • The Washington Post article on Kim Mulkey came out on Saturday. I read all of it. Why was she so bent out of shape before it was released? It was fine. (Although that women will never speak to you again once you wrong her.) 

  • Wasn't Microsoft's "Clippy" a little bit of AI back in the day?

  • Who is SMU's press person? Not only did they have a glossy fawning piece in the New York Times this weekend, that ACC commercial on ESPN for them might be one of the best I've ever seen. 

  • We've got quite the barn-burner in the Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney. (Standings.)