Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That Twitter account out of Denton no longer posts photos, but it gave us some doozies back in the day.

  • We have a massive and dramatic bridge collapse in Baltimore as a huge cargo ship enroute to Sri Lanka struck it at 1:28 a.m. Video of collapse here which seems to show the ship losing power seconds before striking the Francis Scott Key bridge. 

    • First pictures by dawn's early light. 

  • Ransomware attacks happen all the time, but we rarely hear about the actual amounts that they want (which is what they will be paid.)

  • Wise County Judge J.D. Clark posed at the top of the courthouse yesterday. Later in the day, the scaffolding around the top of it was taken down. 

  • This could be a major NBA scandal. A player tanks after massive bets were placed on the "under" for his personal "total points scored" prop bet line. 

  • Trump ticker:
    • Trump got 10 extra days to come up with the massive bond in his New York civil fraud trial, but the amount of the required bond was reduced to $175 million yesterday. 
    • Uh, I'm pretty sure this is a crime. Edit: This is fake. I was duped.  

    • The Biden campaign is running a different campaign than Trump has ever faced before.

    • The weakest case against him will probably go to trial on April 15th.

  • They are coming for you abortion pills today.

  • The Wise County courthouse is doing better than the Wichita County courthouse. 

  • The Business Second™.

  • In Texas, unless officers actually witness a crime taking place in their "presence", they must get a warrant before making any arrest. (There are some exceptions but very, very few.)

  • Yes, I'm aware of a certain video catching fire over in Bridgeport regarding a "confrontation", but I don't know how to handle it. 
  • I started complaining about license plate readers years ago . . . .