Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I wouldn't be able to handle the uncertainty of being a superintendent or athletic director.

  • County Judge J.D. Clark has posted four fantastic pictures of the new finial (aka the "crown") being installed at the top of the courthouse. 

  • A wrongful death lawsuit was filed on Friday. The wreck occurred March 9th near Alvord.

  • Friday morning and afternoon were very busy:
    • A terrorists attack by ISIS left over 130 dead in Russia.

    • Bastrop, Texas.

    • We all felt bad about making fun of the photoshopped photo from a couple of weeks back. 

    • Ken Paxton avoids will avoid consequences once again. "Lawyers in Ken Paxton's felony securities fraud case are in talks about a deal to drop the charges facing the Republican attorney general if he performs community service and pays restitution . . . Paxton could also have to take advanced legal education courses."

    • The Republican controlled House is in chaos again as Marjorie wants to throw out the Speaker and a resignation brings their majority down to one person. 

  • Ronnie Jackson was packing them in over the weekend. 

  • Dateline Progreso, Texas. 

  • DFW sports owner richness index:

  • The Washington Post is about to come out with an big article on LSU coach Kim Mulkey, and she is not happy about it. She went on a four minute rant about it on Saturday even before it has been published. But she won't grant the reporter an interview. 

  • Stopping the game seems to empower them instead of punish them, right?

  • I'd double check that stopwatch.

  • Liberally Lean leaderboard.

  • The CEO of Boeing as well as two other top executives announced their resignations moments ago. Surprised it took that long.