Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

A story about a guy who would later be known as "Dr. Death" was on the cover of the Dallas Morning News. Interestingly, this story was before he was even arrested which would occur the following year in 2015.

  • Tonight's Wise County election results (official) will be posted here.
  • Happy Super Tuesday. We've got some interesting local  races, but this is the first time in decades where there is absolutely zero doubt how the national presidential races will fall in the various states. Trump should win every single one. 

    • I am guessing the Wise Sheriff's Office race will go to a run-off which won't be until May 28th. That's too long away. 
  • As expected, the Supreme Court unanimously said Colorado, and all other states, can't decide to keep a presidential candidate off the ballot for engaging in insurrection.  Interestingly, they went further and said how it should happen: It will take Congress to pass a law making that 14th Amendment provision active.  I doubt that's ever going to happen so there is now, for all practical purposes, no Insurrection Clause in the 14th Amendment.

    • Legal nerdy stuff: You think I look for legal nerdy stuff? Well someone checked the "meta-data" of the Supreme Court opinion (open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat and go to File > Properties > Description)  and discovered that the opinion originally had a lone dissent (instead of a three judge concurrence.)

  • No one noticed on Saturday when the 5th Circuit took emergency action and prevented last week's federal judge's ruling -- that SB 4,  the Texas Show Me Your Papers Or I'll Arrest You Immigration Law,  was unconstitutional -- from going into effect.

    • And then just as quickly last night, the Supreme Court overturned the Fifth Circuit and put the law on hold again. 

    • You think we have a Fifth Circuit problem?
  • Oh, my.

  • When I first saw this, I guessed it was another case similar to teacher-student where the minor was some teenage boy.  But due to the nature of the charges listed in the story, the victim will have to be under 14. We don't have any details because no news agency is smart enough to track down the arrest affidavit which is s public record. 

  • I'd tap the brakes on this. The lawsuit was filed by a well known mass tort lawyer who has accused a lot of companies of doing lots of things.  

  • Ronny Jackson is mad at the Rolling Stone for publishing this article about him.  

  • The lady claiming to be abducted and forced to drive to the border last month is now showing her face as she tries to "set the record straight." This interview was given to Channel 8. 

    • But even WFAA seems seems suspicious. So am I. Police are refusing to say anything. Maybe it's all legit. Or not.  
  • The Business Second™. This will take a very large check. 

  • Saw this on the back or a work truck yesterday. Kind of generic.

  • Any web page that causes a pop-up to appear when you move the cursor from body of the page to the URL bar needs to be banned.