Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I was wrong about basically all of that. (The debate involved incumbent David Dewhurst, Dan Patrick, and two others. Patrick would go on to win in a run-off.)

  •  I posted the mugshot yesterday, but Fort Worth PD has now released various footage of the DWI chase and crash near West 7th.  It's wild. And it's amazing no one was killed. What a moron. 

  • In one of the weirdest Attorney General opinion requests I've ever seen, the Jacksboro PD asked AG Ken Paxton's legal opinion regarding whether a liquor store in the city was selling booze too cheaply. Request is here. Paxton's answer, which was released yesterday and is no answer at all, is here.

  • Identified. All three were from Georgia.  

  • Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that the nutcases were telling us that COVID vaccine was secretly a deep state microchip injection plan? But they now celebrate this?

  • The New York Times did some math for us which is really surprising. 

  • Ok, that's a funny line

  • How is Nikki Haley doing against Trump in Texas? According to a just released poll from the respected UH Hobby School of Public Affairs, not well at all.  

  • Man, Biden's Weaponized Justice Department has really gotten off track

  • The MAGA extremists have taken over control of the Tarrant County Republican party from the normal Republicans.  No way this lady would have been invited to speak in the past. 

  • A weird story of an art "heist" out of Wichita Falls.

  • The biggest case against Trump is the January 6th federal case pending in D.C.   On January 9th, the D.C. appellate court heard oral arguments on the silly Absolute Immunity defense. Everyone thought we would have a decision in days. We are still waiting.