Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Wouldn't this cause the county to implode if it happened today? And how did those kids survive this deviltry!!!!

  • "Three U.S. service members were killed in Jordan on Sunday and at least 34 others were injured in what the Biden administration said was a drone attack from an Iran-backed militia." We'll going to do something to Iran in response, but no one knows what. But watch this.

  • He couldn't keep his mouth shut and acted like a baby in front of the jury. You could see this one coming from a mile away. He's not defamed her since. 

    • Lying is getting expensive these days.

  • Rethinking life's choices. It happened around University and West 7th. . 

  • Border wars. We live in the dumbest times. 

  • Hey, Wise County Rep. Ronny Jackson has embarrassed us again! The White House Clinic while he was there was handing our fentanyl, Ambien and ketamine like candy.  They didn't have the "best people" but they apparently had the best drugs. 

  • Just waking up in Arlington on Saturday morning to cop armored vehicle announcing over a loud speaker that a search warrant was about to be executed. Video

  • Very interested.

  • I can't say I've ever listed one iota to MAGA extremists Ben Shapiro, but my timeline was full on Friday that he released a cringe-worthy rap video. Which . . .

    • . . . gave rise to this flashback: 

  • Speaking of cringe-worthy, Ticket radio fans will wince when they see this from their 30th anniversary party on Friday night.
  • Let's check in on Fox News.

  • The Business Minute™. Remember when branch banking was all the rage?

  • Very legal nerdy stuff: If you want to watch a painful trial with a defense lawyer struggling, you much watch the ongoing trial of the "Oxford Mom" who is accused of not doing enough to stop her mass murdering son. I can't take my eyes off the female defense lawyer.  She is woefully in over her head and, what's worse, she is trying to do it all by herself.  There may be another lawyer beside her, but that guy does nothing.  And if you don't do anything else,  just watch this at the end of the trial on Friday to just get a feel of how wheels off it all is. And the judge won't assert herself by telling  them all to just shut up. The trial should be live on YouTube this morning here.

  • So how'd COVID work out for me? The onset was very strange. I bet I went four days thinking it was nothing other than allergies. It was irritating, but I was easily able to function. On day five, a Monday, the chills hit me at work, and I wanted nothing more than to go home in a car with the heater blazing and crawl into bed when I got there. And that's what I did. A COVID home test lit up like a Christmas tree. My temperate ran a little under a 100 so no big deal.  The next day kept me bed ridden and my temperate in the evening hit 102.5 which scared me to death. An oxygen reading was 92%. I felt a huge weird pain all over me. The next two days were slightly better and then, on Friday, it was magically all gone. I couldn't believe it.