Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

There were rumors of how Derek Holland hurt himself -- playing with his dog or during an amateur hockey game. The latter, most thought, would mean that Rangers wouldn't have to pay him for lost time. So Corby said "everyone" would lie and say it was due to the dog instead of hockey if it meant $3 million. That still bugs me. 

  • WFAA had a big piece on the tragic news out of Wise County.

    • This YouTube video, sent to me by a faithful reader, looking at the flight data is really interesting.
    • This is a photo of the actual plane taken from that video:
  • We now have campaign finance reports which have been summarized. Source 
    • The lady challenging Jacksboro's David Spiller isn't exactly lighting it up. 
    • Wise County's Texas House rep is easily outraising his challengers.
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton disclosed in his reporting that he paid his impeachment defense fees out of campaign contributions. Additionally we learned, for what they provided, the lawyers are stealing. That totals to $2.3 million.

  • Trump's favorite lawyer had a tough time in court yesterday.

  • Trump wasn't doing much better in New Hampshire last night. Debank? Video.

    • And he was begging the Supreme Court in the middle of the night for "ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY" even when he "CROSSES THE LINE". (Big all caps night for him.)
  • This makes no sense. They are just refusing to play? And, despite the headline, they have enough players to field a team -- it says in the story that "The Horned Frogs were down to six scholarship players after a number of players sustained injuries in practice Tuesday."
    • And if you have a kid at TCU and want her to get some exercise:

  • Anyone got any better ideas?

  • Fun coaching quick hits:
    • UT great Major Applewhite will be the head coach of South Alabama.
    • Jerry Glanville, yes, 82 year old Jerry Glanville, will be the coach of Division II Northwestern Oklahoma State

  • The college football transfer portal has been out of control this off season.  I don't blame players for chasing dollar but, at the same time. I loved the illusion that players cared for team and school as much as I did.  
  • Messenger: Above the Fold