Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten about that fun little controversy.

  • We've got a weird and wacky case from over the weekend. On Saturday night, a 911 caller contacted White Settlement PD to tell them of a car in a parking lot of a Jack In The Box looked like it had been in a wreck and the driver was slumped over the steering wheel. Cops will find and determine:

    • There was a body in the passenger seat which had gone through the windshield. (That is one heck of a dent on the hood.)

    • The car had been sitting in that parking lot for just over three hours -- that's with the dead body in the passenger seat and  the driver beside him. 
    • The car had been in Arlington around 6:00 p.m. but evidence shows that he struck a person near Dallas at I-30 and Cockrell Hill road (40 miles from the Jack in the Box.)
    • The driver was "detained". 

    • We don't know the name of the deceased. 
    • If all of this sounds familiar, a similar case happened in Fort Worth in 2001.
  • The crazy lies surrounding the election have cost people and companies so much money (not to mention criminal convictions.) First, Fox News had to pay $787 million, and now Rudy is on the hook for $148 million. 

    • I was hoping this is Rudy's lawyer, but it's actually just some "associate." However, I cannot stop looking at this.

  • Two fires on Friday with dramatic pictures:
    • An apartment complex under construction in Rowlett

    • A home in Lucas (which is in Collin County.)

  • Trump went full Hitler again this weekend. He's not even hiding it any longer since this line was from the teleprompter.  You have been warned. 

  • I had seen headlines about Prestonwood's Baptist Church's Christmas show, but didn't think much about it. Then I saw this one minute quick video compilation of everything that went on in it. Oh, my. 

  • Tone deaf, or just deaf, politicians over the weekend:
  • The Business Second™: Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan are smiling from their graves this morning. 

  • The high school football finals at Jerry World were all blowouts, but we did get this (real) image from the last game. DeSoto won 74-14.

  • I finally finished Mad Men. Verdict: Two huge thumbs up. One of my all-time favorite series.