Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I had some nuggets for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. 

  • We've got a temporary deal in the Israel/Hamas war. I think both sides have the potential to screw this up.  

  • Nothing like a small plane crashing in one of the most heavily populated areas on the metroplex. The pilot is dead. From the best I can tell, he hasn't been publicly identified yet.

  • Overnight: Well, that was a wild week for this guy.  And the Board of Directors should have typed "What happens if we fire our CEO?" into ChatGPT before they did so.

  • Every year we are subjected to the same lie: That this is the biggest travel day of the year at airports.  And every year a at least one local affiliate will send a reporter out to DFW Airport or Love Field for a live spot to, inevitably, show empty lines. Exhibit A this morning:

  • What does this mean? A re-enactment/cosplay?

  • Why this fluff piece by NBC? According to the story, Roger Williams shook JFK's hand in Fort Worth that morning. So, according to my calculations, that makes him, along with tens/hundreds of thousands of others at the airports and along the parade route, as among those who were "the last people to see" Kennedy. Weird. 

    • JFK in Fort Worth that morning:

  • Man, I'm hearing good things about this. A stream from National Geographic. (You can watch it at that link, but it requires you to login with your TV provider credentials.)

  • Legal nerdy stuff: I called the Tarrant County D.A. "inexperienced" yesterday. He helped my case moments later by calling the Intoxilyzer test the "breathalyzer."  There is no one who practices in the area of Texas criminal law who calls it a breathalyzer. The public does, but not those who actually work in the area. 

  • Hey, we might be in the end times "but you've still got just enough time to buy my book!"  (And he actually said you could go to church or by his book.)

  • I'm really not grumpy today. Promise.
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