Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Had forgotten about that. There were lots of JFK posts this week 10 years ago 
because of the 50th anniversary. 

  • This story happened on Friday, and that's one heck of a photo to go along with it. 

  • On Friday, the Texas House bravely voted in favor of an amendment that killed school vouchers from the school funding bill.  Unfortunately, local reps didn't join in. (A no vote was to keep school vouchers in the bill.)

  • There are strange things happening with the leadership of OpenAI, the leader in AI in the United States, the creator of ChatGPT, and and the company that Microsoft has invested $6 billion in.
    • On Friday, the Board of Directors, without notice and without any reason given, fired the "father of AI" and its CEO, Sam Altman. There was no hint of malfeasance, just a disagreement over "vision." It caught everyone off-guard. 

    • On Saturday, after an investor revolt, there was a crazy effort to reinstate him and have the Board of Directors resign instead.

    • On Sunday, Altman was hired by Microsoft as head of a new "AI team", and OpenAI hired the former head of Twitch as interim CEO. 

    • Now most of the employees want the board to resign or they will -- and head to Microsoft's new AI team. You know, this could be the biggest thing to happen to Microsoft since Windows. 
  • Our governor is the ultimate lapdog.

    • Hey, look, not only were your tax dollars used on this, but the $345,250 Man was there, too! 
  • Dallas has a weird relationship with JFK and although I'm a big fan of the Sixth Floor Museum, I'm not so sure about those banners they have up right now. Story.

  • How that guy is the richest man in the world is one of the world's greatest mystery. 

  • Fun little sport wrap up on this holiday week: 
    • That's quite the tidbit they offered up:

    • Auburn scheduled New Mexico State as a cupcake opponent this weekend, but it backfired with a 31-10 loss. But this fact is wild: 

    • Kim Mulkey had a bizarre press conference with focus on her star player not being with the team, and then ended it saying she might have COVID or the flu and didn't care if others got it.  Video.

    • I can't get enough of The Sphere on the Vegas strip (where the F1 race was this weekend.)

    • Scenarios to get to the  Big 12 Championship game are mind-numbing.