Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The former Williamson County prosecutor of Michael Morton, who withheld evidence which resulted in the innocent Morton wrongly serving over 20 years in prison, began his punishment of a whopping 10 days in jail.  He served only three and was released ten years ago today. He had finally resigned his position as district judge only two months earlier.

  • A little unusual arrest last night in Wise County. Edit: Oh, my. This is what you think per the Update.

  • So I dedicated a full bullet point to this guy yesterday who had actually announced he would leave Congress and had formally filed for a Texas senate run, and then later in the day he completely changed his mind. Clown move.

  • Inflation numbers came out yesterday and they continue to fall. The stock market, and people's 401(k)s, rallied. Oh, and gas is around $2.69. What's everyone complaining about again?

  • We almost had a fight between a U.S. Senator and the president of the Teamster's Union.  I think I'd bet on the Teamster guy. Here's the full six minute exchange which is wildly entertaining, and is right out of Idiocracy

    • This tweet by the Teamster head about the senator earlier this year seems to be the cause of all of this. 

  • David Spiller's (R-Jacksboro) immigration bill finally passed yesterday. It will be struck down in record time, but it finally passed.

  • Trump urging a "citizen's arrest" of the judge and the prosecutor in his civil fraud case is basically asking his mob of MAGA stormtroopers to take them hostage. I don't know how he gets away with that. 

  • Let's check in on the Fox Business Channel. Fabio?!

  • Step aside Delkus! "WASHINGTON POST - A new computer model to predict the weather built by Google and powered by artificial intelligence consistently outperforms and is many times faster than government models that have existed for decades." Of everything AI can do -- and I use it all the time and find it the most fascinating and helpful tool since the invention of the Internet -- weather predicting is perfect. Taking massive amounts of data and applying it against a set of rules. 

  • The Business Second™: I have never heard of this store, but it's opening up at the ever growing shopping area at I-35 and 287 (the Presidio part to be exact.) It has "versatile workwear [for] skilled trade workers in industries like oil, gas, manufacturing and construction." 

  • Kinda Legal Stuff: The new House Speaker is everything you would expect:

  • Random shot of Boyd's stadium. The school indicated last night that it's willing to host playoff games as a neutral site after Thanksgiving since finding stadiums on that Friday and Saturday across the state apparently isn't easy. That's really nice turf. Bright endzones. Alternating green print on the field, too. Thumbs up.

  • (Below.) Rep. Stucky hasn't even said how he would vote on vouchers. But I can't believe he would be in favor of trying to gut public schools by funneling your tax dollars to private schools with no rules or accountability . . .