Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I still can't believe this happened. Full post, with more of the transcript, here.

  • Yep, Wise County on the Web was down yesterday. It's back up now. 
  • The Washington Post has an article/photo essay today of the carnage capabilities of an AR-15, and it includes never before seen photos of Uvalde and other mass shootings. Don't look away.  (Free link.) 

  • Fun fact: When President Biden met with Chinese President Xi yesterday, they did so in the house featured in the opening credits of Dynasty

  • My favorite part of this story, other than his head tattoo, is that he told the officers "he could 'order up to a pound of methamphetamine' and 'a bunch of guns' in exchange for letting him go."

  • Speaking of face/head tattoos, this great picture comes out of a trial in Wichita Falls. I love the expression of his public defender in the foreground. (Credit to Trish Choate who I've praised before for her writing up there, but she's also now a great photographer.) 

  • Legal stuff: In the Georgia election-overturn case, videos of prosecutor interviews of Sydney Powell and Jenna Ellis were leaked to the press and yesterday, in a hearing about how it happened, a lawyer fessed up to it so "he could sleep at night."  It's not hard to be honest. (Audio.)

  • Greg Abbott is using your taxpayer dollars to support Trump for a media photo-op in Texas.  Incredible.  

  • Bus drivers needed in Brock. Especially today:

  • It's been slow, but we will finally start seeing more and more of this

  • I like my Jesus to be good looking, too. But you think at least one would have a tuxedo t-shirt.


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