Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

But I really wasn't sure how it would turn out. 

  • Inflation Numbers were released moments ago: It's down to 3%. This is the 12th consecutive month of decline. 

    • These stickers don't quite have their intended impact now.

  • I assume everyone around me on the road is a nut. I'm probably right. 
    • This road rage incident happened on 820 at Hurst Avenue in Fort Worth.  

    • And then there was another one on I-35 south of downtown yesterday afternoon.

    • And this one was at 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning. 

  • Driving in the metroplex is enough to make you crazy, but you shouldn't actually go crazy. I saw this come across my timeline this morning -- what a beating: 

  • Get me that hearse. Story.

  • The Fort Worth PD released the bodycam video of the police shooting that left two dead, but you have to get past propaganda editing and multiple interruptions and narration by the police chief  to see it.  I suffered through it in order to finally get to the moment of the shooting at 3:20 of the video (cued up). That's a long way away to be firing into a crowd unannounced. 

    Officer's view while firing at man on other side of car

  • The NATO summit is going on in Lithuania, but I got distracted by the plane that that the Luxembourg Prime Minister and Foreign Minister arrived in.

  • The New York Times has a feature today on how conservative news outlets, especially Fox, are giving up on the DeSantis campaign.  It's over for him, right? I mean we should have known it the moment he had the disastrous campaign rollout that he decided to do on Twitter "Spaces" with Elon. 

  • The Official Liberally Lean Girl has made two quick videos promoting the release of her new book. Here and here. I'm a little concerned she might be nuts.  

  • The Liberally Lean Business Minute: 
    • So there will be a Walgreen's in Bridgeport inside Brookshire's?

    • "Warehouses, people! See ya next week!™" (Story from today's Dallas Morning News.)

  • The Rangers in the All-Star game last night went 0-9 at the plate. That's 1/3 of all American League outs.