Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Two things: (1) The Chicago Sun-Times actually had to apologize for that headline because the flight involved an Asiana Airlines plane, and (2) Before the week was out, maybe one of the most amazing pranks ever played on a television station occurred relating to the fake names of the flight crew. 

  • Re: Last week's body found in Lake Grapevine.  When cops said that the body showed signs "inconsistent with drowning", they now appear to be right. From the story: "Burch was interviewed, and police said he told detectives he got into an argument with Holmes in the early morning hours of July 5 as they were heading to the lake. Holmes was shot multiple times and her body was then dumped into the lake, police said." Side note: That is not Travis Tritt. I think

  • Our Sheriff created a Facebook post about this on Friday which is a little hard to follow, but here is how it began:

    • The best I can tell, it is referring to this:

  • Significant news event buried on Friday. The feds got a result in the prosecution of the El Paso mass shooter via a plea agreement which seems more than satisfactory.  The Texas state charges, which were stuck in the mud by a DA who was forced to resign, is still spinning its wheels. I'm really not sure what the point of the state charges are now.

  • Seems wrong. And, to be clear, we are talking about a live girl. 

  • New this morning

  • Street "takeover" at Beach and North Tarrant Parkway in North Fort Worth on Saturday night. But some of the guys arrested were involved in the takeover in Austin as well. 

  • The New York Times focused on Justice Clarence Thomas hob-bobbing with rich people in a weekend article, but one paragraph seemed odd to me.  

  • The Dallas mayor lives in a really expensive house. But he has to be in shock over how his tax bill has skyrocketed: "The market value of the Johnsons’ home has gone from $280,000 in 2013 to $1.8 million this year, according to appraisal district data."

  • We got the Britney Spears "assault" video over the weekend. I've been studying it like it is the Zapruder film.

  • How can Wise County continue to support this man after such disrespect for our land?

  • Funny. Being a fan of Reno 911, I thought the same thing when I saw the photo posted by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  • Random photo I stumbled across: The Jack County Courthouse in 1869. That one is long since gone. 

  • Being family friendly, I can't repost what Elon Musk is posting about Mark Zuckerberg. Has anyone embarrassed himself more in such a short time than Musk. What a mental midget.