Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The video of the actual explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant is still out there. (Side note: The ATF's proclamation that it was "intentionally set" was always nothing but speculation and PR. They still can't even tell us how exactly it was set and never had a suspect. They are just guessing about the cause.)

  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office courts and jail database went down in the middle of the night and still is not up.  Edit: Sounds like an Internet company switch over that may take over a day.
  • Never forget this guy had a huge press conference and created a web site to deny any wrongdoing, calling it all a "sham."  He is still in office in Collin County as the District Attorney. 

  • That's a horrible story

  • Mineral Wells story.

    • The only comment about the matter on the Star-Telegram page

  • And so it begins. The new MAGA County Judge Tim O'Hare takes the first steps to control the counting of the ballot box. This comes on the heals of forming a strange three headed club called the "Election Integrity Task Force" along with the MAGA Sheriff and and the new MAGA DA. They've yet to say exactly what they are doing. 

    • Flashback:

  • He's bought all those guns so he might as well come up with some unjustified reason to use it. 

  • Detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich appeared in a Moscow courtroom this morning for the first time.

  • Look at this little 16 year old who pulled herself up by her own bootstraps and was able to open a business in one of the most expensive commercial real estate areas in America!  Actual quote:  “Honestly, it’s a dream,” her mother said. “It’s uncommon for a 16-year-old girl to open a bakery with her mom. I think it goes to show you that if you have a dream, it can happen.”

  • Still think Abbott's announcement of a desire to pardon a convicted murdered -- before he was sentenced no less, and only because the victim was a Black Lives Matter marcher -- should be the legal story of the decade. 
  • Video link to an NBA player being stomped in the chest last night which led to an ejection.

  • Video link to a hit on a Dallas Stars player last night which seems to be a topic of conversation.

  • For you Succession fans only: My hot opinion is that Logan Roy is not dead, it's all an elaborate ruse, and that Tom and Logan's new girlfriend/assistant are in on it.