Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was a Monday ten years ago of the Boston bombing. Wise County Attorney Thomas Aaberg ran in the race that year.  

  • Train derailment in Chico yesterday. More pics here

  • From late Friday. Messenger link

  • Another day in America. Four dead. Twenty-eight hurt. 

  • If you want to see the actual complaint of the sexual escapade of the "family values" embattled legislator Bryan Slaton, here it is. And all the insiders down there keep saying that "It's much worse that that."

  • We have a one day delay in this big defamation trial over The Big Lie.  Please don't settle. Please don't settle. Please don't settle. 

  • Here's a wild quote from Crow considering the subject matter at at hand: “Every single relationship — a baby’s relationship to his mom — has some kind of reciprocity.” 

  • Last night, the Governor of Oklahoma actually called for the resignation of a county sheriff and county commissioner for saying some shocking things.   Here's a link to a transcript and actual audio recordings of what they were caught saying. Oh, my. 

  • Abbott really is losing it. On the heels of wanting to immediately pardon a racist killer before sentencing has occurred, he starts talking like Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

  • Good lord

  • If you want to see a raucous President Biden entrance in Ireland to the sounds of Dropkick Murphys, watch this. It is really cool. (You might recognize the song primarily from the movie Departed.)

    • Meanwhile on Fox News:

  • Legal stuff: President Biden finally got around to making a nomination to fill a Fifth Circuit vacancy. Unfortunately, the person is 59 years old. Let's go younger.