Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Oilfield generator fell off a truck in downtown Boyd.

  • Another day in America. We can now add banks to yet another place that we aren't safe from madmen with AR-15s.

    • Of course, he live-steamed it. 

    • Ted Cruz solved our mass murder problem just two ago. It didn't age well. Yep, it is real

  • There have been rumors for days, but now we know an extremely right-wing Texas legislator is accused of inviting an under 21 year old intern to his apartment and trying to get her liquored up and more.  Speculation is that criminal charges might follow. Story. (This is why little Briscoe Cain called him a "sexual predator.")

    • They always have a tell.

  • Well, that didn't take long. The other lawmaker will be put back in place tomorrow. And there's nothing the Tennessee legislature can do about it. They really played this well, didn't they?

  • Out of San Antonio. Story.

  • There is some outcry about Abbott's insane intend to pardon a man before a judgment has been signed and even before sentence has been imposed. (No sentencing date yet.) But it's not enough of an outcry.

  • Abbott hasn't given up on vouchers and gutting and defunding public schools. Don't let him do it. When a community loses its school, it loses its identity.

  • The abortion drug ban single handedly imposed by the activist judge in Amarillo was appealed yesterday to the Fifth Circuit which is heavily laden with activist judges.  

    • Remember these words by Justice Kavanaugh in his concurrence in Dobbs which overruled Roe v. Wade

    • Legal nerdy stuff:  The Plaintiffs in the case have to file a response "by midnight." If the stroke of midnight begins a new day, wouldn't you be a just a tiny bit nervous your response was due last night when the first second of April 11, 2023 occurred? 

  • Sports quick hits: (1) Kliff Kingsbury to USC, (2) A Rangers pitcher tied an American League record last night -- in a good way, (3) Decatur's Bryce Elder pitched 6.1 innings and gave up no earned runs for the Atlanta Braves. 
  • Back to reality, the death toll is indeed five. One person died last night after the USA Today went to press . . .