Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

"An eye-opening experience for Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) as he is confronted by a topless demonstrator during a tour of the Hanover Fair in Hanover, Germany, on April 8, 2013. He was accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel [in green jacket.]"

  • Auto vs. Motorcycle chaos in Wise County yesterday afternoon. 

  • Shocking tidbit from one of the press conferences after the Louisville bank shooting. The AR-15 is going back on the streets.

  • The D.A. in Manhattan is trying to stop the subpoena to appear before Congress to explain his Trump indictment. Interestingly, he is also trying to prevent the former assistant D.A. who wrote a book about the investigation from testifying as well. That might be hard to stop. 

    • Speaking of that book, I'm actually reading it and am halfway through. Quick thoughts . . . 

    • The book is surprisingly fun to read, but it doesn't make me think too much of the prosecution.
    • He spent three chapters on the Stormy Daniel case (written when he didn't think there was ever going to be a prosecution.) He refers to it as the "Zombie Case" and, shockingly, of all the theories of prosecution that he proposed that were rejected, not one of them was the False Business Records theory. It never even came up. 
    • I'll admit that I was really disturbed by how cavalier he is about how he was hired "to see if there were any laws broken" by Trump.  That ain't good. Prosecutors shouldn't be targeting someone and looking for crimes. Yep, I'm defending Trump here.
  • Texas Pardon Update: The District Attorney in Austin wrote to the parole board asking them to hold off on making a recommendation on the Austin murder case where Gov. Abbott is trying to play judge and jury. The DA was way too nice. I would have thrown in a "Don't be a puppet of a wannabe authoritarian Puppet Master who wishes to replace our jury system."

  • When you are resorting to randomly digging up concrete slabs, you really have no idea where the person is. 

  • Not a chance in the world this actually happened. 

  • The Tarrant County Sheriff spoke to the media yesterday about what a great job he thinks he is doing. But he also said that his office had seized enough fentanyl "to kill every man, woman and child in Tarrant County . . . ."  I keep seeing similar headlines everywhere -- of how a seizure was "enough to kill [insert millions]." That's just such a lie.  We can assume that cops seize less than 1% of all fentanyl. If these potential mass casualty figures were true, you would think there would be bodies laying around on every sidewalk because of the 99% that got through. Fentanyl is a problem, but they don't need to lie to convince of us that.

  • The self-appointed leader of the DFW MAGA Trump worshipers (and the head of the West Texas oilman PAC) just casually mentioned yesterday that school vouchers are intended to kill public schools. 

    • But I loved how someone threw a past tweet of his in his face:

  • Youtube is paying the NFL $2 billion a year for the right to broadcast the "Sunday Ticket." They are now passing that cost along . . .  

  • Shohei Ohtani is the greatest baseball player in the history of the sport and it's not even close. 
  • The shocking Abbott Pardon news finally made the front page of the Dallas Morning News. But that's a lukewarm headline.