Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

She lost her re-election bid in 2014.

  • Well, lookie there! Told ya! From the start, Michael Irvin's lawsuit was was nothing other than attempted damage control -- a ploy which backfired royally.   Just a couple of days ago Irvin said he had been through a "modern day lynching." Now he walks away after Marriott exposes his conduct. And if I'm Marriott's lawyers, I file a Motion for Sanctions.  This was a frivolous lawsuit from the start. (There's an 11:00 a.m. press conference by Irving's lawyers. I'm interested in how they will spin this.) 
  • It looks like one of them was a 21 year old Sanger man. But from the jail records, I can't figure out who there other one is. 

  • Good grief. "The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office says Camacho had been chatting with the [Dallas] teen through a social media platform."

  • On the express lanes I-35 at Meacham Boulevard in Fort Worth yesterday afternoon, a  "car broke apart" when it was hit by a rock truck in the southbound lanes, and part of the car hit other vehicles that were headed north. It all started when the rock truck hit a TxDOT sign. The driver of that vehicle is deceased.

  • I will go to my grave never understanding how you can be prosecuted twice -- once in state court and once in federal court for the same conduct -- and it not violate the Double Jeopardy Clause.

  • The "Dallas, Texas" Twitter account posted a short video yesterday of a SWAT team moving in on a building in Oak Cliff.  Just pretend you had never been to America but only know of it as the "Land of the Free." What would you guess would be the cause of the armed raid by the government?

    • Answer: The raid of a game room. 
  • How badly does Fox News want DeSantis over Trump? They literally conducted a softball interview yesterday morning while playing catch.

  • It was hard to wrap my head around years ago when the North Dallas Tollway finally reached all the way to 380. Now traffic is so heavy they built a hug overpass. 

  • The Wall Street Journal had an opinion piece yesterday on why Silicone Valley Bank failed. Has everyone lost their minds?

  • The fired UT basketball coach, who lost his gig after an arrest for alleged domestic violence,  has got a new gig. The SEC will always welcome you with open arms. 

  • There were two  "local" trials I've been following over the last couple of weeks. Both had high profile teams of Fort Worth lawyers and both cases got wrapped up yesterday.
    • Out of Wichita Falls, James Staley III was convicted of capital murder. He received an automatic life sentence.  

    • And in Waco, the retrial of the lady also accused of killing a child ended with a guilty verdict and a 50 year sentence. This was the case where they juror was excused for reading media coverage about the trial. Interestingly, the verdict is the exact same sentence she got a couple of years ago before the case was reversed on appeal. 
  • Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney sign up is here. The entries always have funny names. And the tricked up scoring system was explained yesterday.